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Monday, April 19, 2010

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The Woods Manifesto

The Woods Manifesto

1. Tax Reform: Implementation of a 16% Federal Flat Tax on any and all gross income from any source by anyone.
2. Immigration Reform: Anyone who is in the United States illegally is deported back to his or her country of origin. Secure our borders exactly as the Israeli’s have done with the West Bank wall.
3. Lobby Reform: Outlaw all professional lobbyists.
4. Campaign Finance Reform: Forbidding any corporation and PAC groups from donating money to any political candidate.
5. Tort Reform: Implementing caps on the amount of money a lawyer or law firm may ask for as damages for a client or in a class action.
6. Health Care Reform: Fund universal health care by implementing taxes on alcohol and tobacco exactly as the Canadians do to fund our health care.
7. Finance Reform: Outlaw banks from speculating with depositor’s money in The Market’s. Regulate the fees that any bank can charge a client. Regulate the level of interest and fees a credit card company can charge a client.