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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Compassionate Ministry: Theology With Hands & Feet

When we come to the end of our selves and have a direct encounter with The Compassionate One and are radically transformed to the core of our beings through such an encounter with Jesus, then we will do what comes naturally in a supernatural way. Carl Rahner said, "for those of us from the Judeo-Christian Tradition, theology and anthropology are the same thing." The ministry of compassion is theology with hands and feet. I highly recommend Richard Rohr's book "Jesus' Plan For A New World: The Sermon On The Mount". Cincinnati, Ohio: St Anthony Messenger Press, Copyright 1996. We must be ever cautious that our talking about what Jesus said and did does not hinder us from our doing what He said and did. Does a true litmus test for being saved manifest itself in our loving words and actions to the poor? Faith is a three dimensional "action" verb- Pistis. All true theology will point us to Christ and His faith in action.


Rodney Alan Woods